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Dr. Monze im OP
Prof. Claus Cursiefen,
Dr. Erich Yair Oregon Miranda, ICO Fellow from Mexico
Dr. Bjoern Bachmann

Dr. Eric Yair Oregon Miranda from Mexico got trained in Cornea in University Eye Clinic in Erlangen, Germany under supervision of
Prof. Friedrich Kruse, his ICO Fellowship was generously sponsored by Rotary Club Nuremberg

… I was involved in clinical activities at the operating room, observing all the surgeries from the Cornea department. Also on the ambulatory clinic I observed the consultations given by the professors…
… I was invited to one social event and stayed there as a participant…
… I was able to learn the technique Descement membrane endothelial keratoplasty, and to follow up patients who had that proceedure done. Also Descement anterior lamellar keratoplasty, astigmatic keratotomy, use of antiangiogenics on corneal neovascularization, use of amniotic membrane and technique for survey. A thing that could be improved would be the time spent at the ambulatory clinic, I wish I was more involved on the follow up of patients . Dr. Claus Cursiefen and Dr. Bjoern Bachmann are excellent professors, I was completely satisfied with the teaching they provided to me …