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Dr. Monze im OP
Dr. Anna Kukshinova, Dr. Daniyar Dauletbekov, Prof. Günther Rudolph, Dr. Deemah Abokwidir, Dr. Puri Lila

Dr. Daniyar Dauletbekov from Kazakhstan got trained in Vitreo Retina in Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich, Germany under supervision of Prof. Anselm Kampik, his ICO Fellowship was generously sponsored by Retinological Society

… my journey into a Vitreoretinal Wonderland in Germany’s biggest eye centre began.
The first strong impression on me was iron German discipline, starting at 7.30 with journalclub or another educational workshop was a daily routine at this clinic. For me, who always failed to appear on time in home country, that was a real stress test, but this depriving of early sweet hours of morning sleep was amply rewarded by extensive teaching in all aspects of ophthalmology from angiography to pathohystology.
I found that leading vitreoretinal surgeons of this clinic were not only a renowned world-class professionals but also most gentle creatures I’d ever encountered. However busy they were, they always lend me a listening ear and answered every question in much details as possible.
By the time I felt that their devotion for vitreoretinal surgery were also igniting in me a flame of passion, which gradually was growing stronger and stronger. Every working day I was involved in assisting in vitreoretinal operations, and more grew my thirst to understand the fine mechanics of vitreoretinal surgery. So there I was, searching in internet for retina articles, going to clinic’s library to read old books with my new understanding of the matter.
Another strong point of my education there was eye surgery simulator that was available at the clinic. This training allowed me to understand deeply all the fine pecularities of vitreoretinal surgery. After a day of assisting in operation theater on live patient, in the evening thanks to this tool I was able to repeat all the twists and turns of day’s operations and memorize them better.
I would do everything possible to improve the practices of vitreoretinal surgery in my own country and ignite the passion for retina in hearts of other young surgeons. I feel deeply grateful to Germany’s Retinological Society that made this journey in Vitreoretinal Wonderland possible and giving me this excellent opportunity to learn new things. I think when I confront difficult cases in operating room in my country I will imagine behind me my German vitreoretinal mentors - Professor Kampik and Professor Haritoglou giving me as before wise advice and guidance …